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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Integrative Masters Project Introduction

For my culminating project, I’ve chosen to develop a proposal and resources to support the needs of the Educational Technology program.  I believe that as we develop modern learning programs, it is important to consider both physical and virtual resources, and the ways in which they can work together to create a cohesive whole.  To that end, I will develop a comprehensive plan to do so for this program.  Additionally, I intend to see through these ideas to the extent that it is feasible.

Since ideas of openness and collaboration are central to the program’s learning experiences, I wanted to make sure others have the opportunity to contribute to this project.  So the first phase of my project is data collection.  I’ve emailed all of the program’s students and alumni a survey, to get a sense of what improvements we should be looking into.  I hope next to interview the active faculty to elicit their needs as teachers and advisors.  I’m also doing some research into learning environments.

In addition to the student survey, anyone can follow my progress and offer contributions through the following tools:

Blogger - I’ll post informal progress updates to the EdTech Blog (most likely where you’re reading this now) - http://au-ed-tech.blogspot.com/

Pinterest - I’m trying out Pinterest as a way to collect articles, graphics, websites, ideas, and inspiration for the project.  You can follow me here - http://www.pinterest.com/edtechlearning/educational-technology/

Zotero - If you have any research articles to recommend, you can add them to the open and public Zotero group - https://www.zotero.org/groups/272372

Email - If you’d like to contact me directly, you can do so at - tjennings@adelphi.edu

I’d love to get as much outside input as I can, so feel free to share with me using any of these platforms.

- Tom Jennings
- Ed Tech Grad Student and Media Technologist at Adelphi

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

OER Report: Udemy - An Analysis

Udemy: An Analysis

View the presentation website here.


The project I have been working on is a course from Udemy's collection. Although I have "taken" some of the free courses from this service before, most of my participation has been limited to tutorial observation, personal note-taking and experimentation on my own. Until this course, I have never actively participated in any community discussion forums, or looked in to how the program functions (or doesn't) in relation to the idea of open education. The mission of the Udemy team is "To help anyone learn anything, online." I find their somewhat broad goal to match the diversity of materials that are offered within their course listings. The website also details 7 core values, under the acrostic "Let's Go" (learn, excite, take ownership, 'nnovate, show passion, get stuff done, and open up.)

Ed Tech Jobs Report -May 21st

Highlights from this week's jobs report includes internship opportunities, university employment, as well as secondary education openings under names like Open Assembly, Colombia University and Democracy Prep.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

OER Report: Edmodo


On the surface, Edmodo looks the educator’s version of Facebook. The basic layout and even color could trick you into thinking that you’re actually using Facebook, but Edmodo is more than a social-networking tool - it’s a classroom management portal that connects students to each other and to their teacher. It even helps connect teachers to their peers so they can exchange ideas for lesson plans or build teaching and learning repositories.

OER Report: Raspberry Pi

 Raspberry Pi

http://www.raspberrypi.org/Raspberry Pi sounds delicious, but what is it?  It’s a very simple computer.  The Raspberry Pi (or RPi for short) was designed to be cheap and straightforward, so that it would be useful to students looking to learn about computing hardware and software. It costs $25 (Model A) or $35 (Model B). The developers are hoping that it will instill interest and excitement in younger students toward learning computer programming.  It has limitless potential for users to get involved in creative projects. The variety of things that can be done with the device ranges from a simple light switch to complex robotics. Popular uses among members of the community include media centers, video game machines, web servers, and simple device controllers (room lights, temperature controls, etc.).

OER Report: Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Welcome! In this report I will be discussing the different aspects and usage of Khan Academy. I believe it is a form of open education that produces positive learning results. The site offers a great way to practice educational concepts, which will be evident in this report. It is not hard to participate in such program because this program is free to everyone who wants to use it. By the end of this project, my goal is to justify why Khan Academy is a source of open education and proficient with results.

OER Report: Teacher Tube, 2

Teacher Tube

Teacher Tube was launched onto the Internet on March 6, 2007. This website was created by Adam and Jason Smith with help from Jason’s wife Jodie. Jason who has been a teacher, coach, campus administrator and district administrator in public schools came up with the idea to create a community for educators to be able to share their lessons as well as learn from one another. Adam Smith created the website and found a host page in order to bring this community to life. Jodie joined the brothers and started populating the website with videos to promote the sharing and improve the communication. While creating this website the goal was to provide an online community for sharing instructional videos. TeacherTube is seeking to focus mainly on education in order to be a safe place for teachers, schools and home learners.